Agropack '96 Kft. - Ampoule filler, plastic ampoule machine


The ampoule filling machine forms and fills plastic ampoules. This type of packaging is ideal for pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, chemicals, paints and similar liquid products.

Making ampoules from a roll of film
Our ampoule filling machine forms the ampoules from a roll of plastic film. After forming, each ampoule is precisely filled with the liquid product and then sealed.

2 ml - 20 ml
The machine is capable of making small ampoules, generally between 2 - 20 ml. By using format changeparts, the same machine can make several different size ampoules.

Precision dosing system
The ampoule filling machine is equipped with precise dosing systems, which were designed to fill small quantities of liquids. The actual filling volume can be adjusted on the filling heads, depending on the volume of the ampoule and your requirements.

Applications for plastic ampoules

  • Agrochemical (insectisides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Nutritional products
  • Other food related products
  • Cosmetic product
  • Unit-dose products
  • Veterinary Supplies, etc.
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Agro-Pack 96 Kft. possesses several years of experience in packaging and packing liquid plant protection products. Our objective is to become a definitive packaging partner for the domestic plant protection product market and to maintain this position on the long run. The most important values of our company, coming first in everything we do are quality, reliability, continuous innovation and flexibility. We pack liquid plant protection products from 1 ml ampoules to 10 l canisters.




Agro-Pack 96 Kft.

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