Agropack '96 Kft. - High radiofrequency closures


The intelligent operation is ensured by microcomputer control and the connected peripheral devices. As a result of this, the set closing parameters are kept at a constant level even under extreme external variation conditions. The high frequency power supply, the control and the induction heating head form a single mechanical unit. The operating parameters may be easily checked and if necessary modified using the liquid crystal display interface and the pushbuttons. The induction controlled flask closure is a reliable, cost-effective technology, that may be used for the airtight, single-opening type of closing of virtually any type of bottle. The heating head warms inductively up the aluminum sandwich foil used for capping the bottle, and melts it onto the flange of the bottle mouth.

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Agro-Pack 96 Kft. possesses several years of experience in packaging and packing liquid plant protection products. Our objective is to become a definitive packaging partner for the domestic plant protection product market and to maintain this position on the long run. The most important values of our company, coming first in everything we do are quality, reliability, continuous innovation and flexibility. We pack liquid plant protection products from 1 ml ampoules to 10 l canisters.




Agro-Pack 96 Kft.

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